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​Do you get sick and tired of your dive bottles, chilly bins, water tanks etc getting thrown around while you’re out on your boat? Or are you looking for something to restrain your gas bottles, fire extinguishers, oxy bottles etc, If you do then we can help.

Our Wilsecure Track and Bracket Systems is an innovative product which has a wide and varied range of uses in the marine industry. Its creation was the result of a frustrated fisherman, whose dive bottles and other accessories needed to be secured yet easily obtained when required.

It is a fully adjustable, rust proof system which is extremely versatile and user friendly. The track sections can be joined together to provide secure mass storage and the strong webbed strapping is available in varied lengths to suit your needs. Extremely durable the anodised aluminium will withstand the most severe conditions. It is also tough and strong with the unique design, using quality materials which are lightweight and long lasting.  

While the potential in the marine industry alone is huge, it also has multiple other applications in day to day life. Applications in workshops, motorhomes, service vehicles, ambulances, aircraft, utes, vans, trailers the range goes on.

We have a wide range of products to suit your needs from big too small. So have a look around to find a bracket to suit your needs.



400mm Track + 2 Sets Curved Brackets + 600mm Strap
This wilsecure bracket is used to secure: Oxy Bottles/Dive Tanks Gas bottles for welders A..
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200mm Track + Curved Bracket + 900mm Strap
This wilsecure bracket is used to secure: Dive Bottles BBQ Bottles Gas bottles for welders..
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100mm Track + Small Curved Bracket + 400mm Strap
This wilsecure bracket is used to secure: Small Fire Extinguisher Anything of similar size a..
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400mm Track + Curved Bracket + 1200mm Strap
This wilsecure bracket is used to secure: Fuel Drums Fuel Containers Chilly Bins Anythin..
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